What is Sugar Scrub?

March 07, 2018

Sugar Scrub is an excellent exfoliant, which removes dead surface skin without causing pain to reveal the glowing, healthy-looking skin beneath. The process of exfoliation is a gradual removal of the top layer of dead skin. The soft sugar particles in the sugar scrub rub against the skin and the friction creates exfoliation.

Sugar Scrub is a gentle but thorough cleanser for your skin. It strips not only dead skin cells but also environmental toxins, reduces the buildup of bacteria and moisturizes your body’s skin. Because of its gentleness it is suitable for nearly every skin type and especially good for sensitive skin.

When using PureBee Sugar Scrubs on your body, your skin gets hydrated through the natural properties of the sugar and through the nourishing oils, beeswax, propolis, and honey. We also offer a variety of scents that can set different moods and we encourage you to choose the right product for you not by what scent you might like but by what shower moment best fits your needs. For example, our Kickstarter Lemongrass Body Scrub, made with natural lemongrass essential oil, helps to kickstart your morning and our Bedtime treat Cherry Body Scrub, made with real cherry powder, helps to calm down in the evening.

How to use a Sugar Scrub?

Before each shower give the Body Scrub a good shake because the all-natural ingredients might have separated over time. You want to make sure everything is mixed well, that the last drop of your bottle is as good as the first. Try the sugar scrub in the shower, the bathtub or even over the sink. Make sure your skin is wet and squeeze some of the sugar scrub on your hand and apply it on your body. Now give it a gentle scrub, either with your hands, a washcloth or whatever you prefer. When you feel the sugar dissolving just rinse off with water (do not apply shower gel) and dry your body. The scrub cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes in just one easy step, so you do not need any lotion afterward.

PureBee Sugar Scrubs are best used after shaving or waxing, unlike you usually do with other scrubs. Pamper yourself afterwards and care even more for your skin!

Why sugar?

Sugar has many advantages over other exfoliants like salt or nut shells. It is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture and keeps it locked inside. Thus, when you apply products with sugar, they will actually help hydrate your skin and keep moisture within.

Besides attracting water molecules to nourish skin, sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that passes through the skin layers and breaks down the bonding of the skin cells. This breakdown encourages cell turnover, that leads to a fresher, younger-looking skin. In other products, glycolic acid is commonly used to treat dry, sun-damaged and aging skin. Sugar is a great source without adding artificial AHA.

Sugar also clears the skin very gently and opens up clogged pores. This can prevent blackheads, whiteheads, breakouts and skin blemishes. After using a Sugar Scrub your skin will feel restored and smooth.

Why use a Sugar Scrub instead of a Salt Scrub?

Many people have already tried salt scrubs or at least heard of them. But what are the advantages of sugar scrubs over salt scrubs? First, sugar scrubs are gentler to your skin. Unlike salt particles, sugar particles are round and do not have the ability to “cut” your skin. It is a far better choice for sensitive skin and perfect for daily use. Secondly, the sugar particles dissolve more easily in hot water, which means they are less abrasive and less likely to strain your skin. A few years ago, salt scrubs were considered more effective and the theory was: the harder the scrub, the softer your skin! But that theory can actually hurt you. It is more effective and healthy for your skin to use a gentle sugar scrub every day than to use a harsh salt scrub once or twice a week.

Salt also lacks the natural humectant properties I have discussed above which makes it less nourishing for your skin. In addition, salt can strip your skin of natural oils which leads to dry skin.

Is Sugar Scrub right for me?

As sugar scrubs are suitable for nearly every skin type, it most likely is for yours. Our unique body scrub formula allows you to skip body lotion after showering and provides healthy looking, silky smooth and clean skin. You will save time and feel great. In addition, the daily use of our Body Scrub prevents ingrown hair while being all-natural and stimulates blood circulation. There are no parabens, phthalates or mineral oils in any of our products and we completely produce without artificial preservatives. Even if you do not have problems with dry or itchy skin areas (such as elbows) sugar scrubs are probably a perfect beauty product for you as they not just exfoliate but also nourish.

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